Friday, June 15, 2007

Hollywood screenwriter-in-hiding blogs his journal from a (junior) suite at the Hôtel Georges V in Paris

The blog, titled Ray D. Shosay’s Journal (rhymes with rez-de-chaussée, meaning ‘ground floor’ in French), describes life in Paris while noting the missed occasions in Los Angeles such as a photo exhibit by Charlie Evans Jr. or a Planet Hope event hosted by Sharon Stone.

In addition to serving as an extraordinary carnet d'adresse, the blog offers reviews of movies, language trends, politics and anything else that comes to Mr. Shosay’s attention in a manner that would be familiar to fans of Terry Southern.

To quote Mr. Shosay, “One of the edifying, signature dictates of our time is ‘When [someone] says no, it means no.’ This stands along side the oft-repeated ‘What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger’ [sic], which should have read ‘What doesn’t kill me will probably cripple me for life’, as the two most outstanding illogics of modern thought. My conviction is that we are living in the Dark Ages, the remake, but we can deal with that at a later date.”

Ray D. Shosay is a fictional Hollywood screenwriter who knows everyone but is hiding from someone in his (junior) suite in one of Paris’ most elegant hotels. The Journal serves as an excellent branded entertainment vehicle for cultural and tourism interests.

On Hollywood:

"...which got me to thinking about what makes a great movie producer. It's probably the ability to serve a really effective cross-complaint.

On the Festival de Cannes:

“I found that my room was ready and waiting at the Hotel du Cap. Next year I think I should ask for one of the Eden Roc suites; it's a long walk to the water otherwise.”

On the gypsy convention at Ste. Maries-de-la-Mer:

“Gypsies the world over gather to pickpocket everyone within arm's reach and no longer feel it necessary to sport colorful and engaging costumes in order to do so. Their parade looked like the exit of the Métro at Barbès-Rochechouart during a bomb scare.”

On 'Babel':

" was great if you've never seen a movie before."

On Iraq:

"We have inherited Saddam's problems without having access to his solutions. I say let's gas the Kurds and be done with it."

The blog ( is a boon to conniving special interest groups spanning the globe and offers skewering perspective on Haliburton, the ‘paper or plastic’ dilemma, the theft of Picasso artwork as well as sincere appreciation for Helen Mirren, a particular Ferrari 599 Fiorano not to mention the Tarte Tropézienne. Johnny Hallyday and President George W. Bush do not escape unscathed.

The Journal can be found at: